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Pick the right App

Slack vs. Discord

Businesses work online nowadays. That’s simply how it is. You have people connected across the world, at home, and at the office. Files need to be shared and conversations need to be had. Online workspaces exist for this, and the best two out there are Slack and Discord. In this article, I’m going to compare […] More

Which Dating Site is the Best?

Tinder Vs. Bumble

Online dating is now commonplace. Whereas before it was taboo, almost any single (and sometimes taken) person has some dating app on their phone, the two powerhouses we look at today are Tinder vs. Bumble. Taking advantage of millennials short attention spans especially, these apps have given new life to casual dating. Which one is […] More

Hostgator vs. Bluehost - Pick the Right One

HostGator vs. BlueHost

HostGator and BlueHost have proven themselves to be popular options for web hosting needs. There are still a number of differences between the two options that must be considered when figuring out which is the best option for one’s needs. These include points relating to the technical qualities of each, the control features they offer […] More


Google Drive vs. DropBox

As prices drop and internet speeds increase, cloud storage is becoming more and more viable for everyone. In fact, most services even offer a free tier that a majority of users don’t even need to go past. That said, most cloud storage providers offer extra features alongside a server to hold all of your files. […] More