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Online shopping comparison sites are very easy to use these days. You can use them to find information on all kinds of products for sale on different pages. But to get the most out of whatever you are interested in, you need to compare options. Shopzilla and are two such sites to take a look at when it comes to figuring out how well different options may work for your shopping needs.

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The two sites are very easy to search through. These can help you find information on whatever might be available and can get you the best deals on anything you want. However, the process that comes with finding items will vary based on what you search for. This is important to see no matter what type of item you want to buy.



Shopzilla has been in operation since 1996. The site was formed as a place that compares major retailers in a variety of categories. The site serves people in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. Since 2011, Shopzilla has been operated by the Symphony Technology Group, a private equity firm. It was owned by the E.W. Scripps Company for a few years before that. has existed since 1998. The site was formed in Israel as a service that reviews prices of products for people and send reminds to customers about when products in certain fields reach target prices. The company has expanded to the United States and other parts of the world over the years. In 2004, eBay purchased the company and moved its headquarters to California.


The two companies have been around for almost the same time and have enough backing to keep them both afloat. This category is a push.

Categories and Searches

The two companies are practically identical in terms of the specific categories that people can buy products through. Customers can order products in the fields of fashion, technology and home goods. Each site has individual categories for mens’ and womens’ fashions, television sets, jewelry and home furnishings.


When you click on a certain category on the Shopzilla site, you can search for products based on their brands, individual stores that products are available from and other key features. You can also sort products by price range.

The specific features you can search through will vary based on the category you are searching for items on. For instance, if you were to search for laptops, you can find information based on the networking connection on a site, the installed memory and how long a battery may last for.

After clicking on a category on the page, you will be sent to a new page that has even more smaller sections. You can click on any of those sections to narrow down your search. You can then search even further by retailer, price, brand and more. The specific categories for searching will vary based on the type of product you want to find. has specific search sections for each of its product pages. For laptop computers, you can look for items by brand, graphic processors and the number of cores in a computer. The sections vary by each type of product you are searching for and will help you get the most out of a proper search.

Advantage: helps you out a little more with narrowing down whatever you want to get.

Product Pages

When you click on a product on Shopzilla, you will open a new window that takes you to the retail page that sells it. On, you will open a tab on your original window that leads to the new retail site.

Advantage: is must easier to handle as it keeps you from having to switch from one window to the next. It won’t be impacted by any pop-up blockers that you have to use.

Specific Search Points

When looking at prices, you need to look and see what specific factors can go into them. Both sites have their own standards for what you can search for in particular.


You can search for information with details on the tax and shipping in your area in mind. This can work on any product page. You can enter in your zip code to get information on how much a product costs based on your local taxes and the general shipping charge. You may find that some products are available with free shipping in mind.

In addition, you can check on the prices of individual items on Shopzilla by clicking on a link on some select products to show you what prices are at different spots. The link is only available on products that are available through a larger variety of websites. helps you to find information on products that are on sale. You can choose this option to find products that are discounted at various locations. Information on how much the discount is good for is included. You can also choose to find items that are available from places that offer free shipping. The terms associated with a free shipping deal will clearly vary by each individual retailer.


Shopzilla gives you added information on products through a better variety of retailers. Also, the specific tax and shipping pointers give you more accurate information for your search. This gives Shopzilla the advantage.

Special Sections


Shopzilla has a Trending Now section that lists information on products that are trending right now. This includes points on products that have just been released and what’s on sale in many spots.

The Sizzling Hot Deals section on the front page also lists information on products that have massive sales at a given period of time. Only a select number of products are listed on the Hot Deals section but they are products that may be available for 50 percent or more off of their original prices.

The front page of offers a scrollable section where you can find popular products in select departments. These are products being highlighted based on points like what’s selling the most and what is new.

The Top Brands section reveals information on the hottest brand names listed on the site. These include prominent fashion and tech brands alike. The Top Products section also lists points on specific types of products that are trending like tablets, video game consoles and vacuum cleaners.


Although the two sites have plenty of information, Shopzilla has better details on what’s hot at the current moment.

Stores Represented

Both websites are well represented in terms of the particular products people can get. This makes it easier for people to find products through sites that they can trust in. Even so, the two sites have their own standards for what is available for use in any case for the demands one holds.


Shopzilla has listings from a mix of both online retailers and websites for larger big box companies. Walmart is one of the more prominent companies highlighted by Shopzilla. Walmart and its warehouse club Sam’s Club both offer special listings with thousands of products highlighted directly on the site. focuses more on online-only retailers with regards to listing products it has for sale. Kohl’s is especially highlighted in that most sections have spots where people can find products from the Kohl’s department store online.


This is a push in that both sites have a diverse array of websites for you to search through.

Added Functions


You can search for the top searches on Shopzilla by using the proper link on the bottom of the page. You can also use the store directory at the bottom to find details on all individual retailers. This may work well if you have a reward program account with a certain site and you want to confirm that the particular page has a better deal than what someone else offers.

Merchant and brand directories can be found at through the bottom part of the screen. You can also search for items on the site through free local classified advertisements or through eBay. Since is a part of the eBay family, you can find information on eBay listings for all the products that are listed off the site.

Advantage: uses the power of eBay to help you get more out of the transactions you are aiming to complete.


Shopzilla offers the better setup in that it is easier to find products while having full listings of items based on more specific prices according to where you live. still has an easy to use interface but Shopzilla makes the process less complicated. Leave a comment with us or vote in our poll to let us know what you think about the two sites. Tell us which one you feel is the better option and let us know why you feel a certain choice is better. Our Shopzilla Vs. experiment may go on for a very long time.