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Today you can find tickets for sports, concert and theater events through StubHub and SeatGeek. You can get tickets to events from all around the world through these services. Tickets are easy to find for all events even if they are sold out. Even so, you should take a closer look at what makes these two appealing services different from and similar to each other.

Finding Events


On StubHub, you can search for events through three different categories. These are the Sports, Concerts and Theater and Comedy sections. When you open one of these sections, you will see details on events in your local area based on where you are accessing a network from.

To find more specific types of events on StubHub, you’d have to go to the bottom of a page to find certain sports, music genres or types of theater shows you want to get tickets for. The types of events are diverse ranging from professional football to small rock club shows.


The main page at SeatGeek provides you with details on local events but the search function is easier to handle. You can move your mouse over the Sports, Music or More section to find a vast variety of categories for you to search through. You can find tickets by league, team or event. Major concert tours from artists like Billy Joel, Lady Gaga and Radiohead are among the most prominent highlighted although you can click on an added button to find more.

SeatGeek also helps you with finding tickets to events at certain cities through special destination pages. These include pages dedicated to shows on Broadway, in Chicago and on the Las Vegas Strip.

Applicable For Both

Both sites allow you to search for events through their own search boxes. These let you search for events based on the team or artist, the type of event or the venue. For instance, if you want to buy Atlanta Braves tickets, you can enter in “Atlanta Braves” or “SunTrust Park” into the search box.

Advantage: SeatGeek is much easier to search through.

Looking For Event Tickets

The process for finding specific event tickets is different on each site. Let’s say you want to buy tickets to a Washington Nationals home game. After searching for a proper game by reviewing the listings for Nationals tickets, you will get access to a menu that shows the Nationals Park seating chart. The features for finding those tickets vary by each site.


On StubHub, you can place your mouse over an individual section to get a virtual look at what your approximate view from a section would be. You can then click on a section to find out what tickets are listed in that area. You can also search for tickets based on certain zones in that venue.

You can search for tickets based on the following filters on StubHub:

  • The value of the ticket; you can also have the approximate fees listed
  • Whether your tickets are to be delivered electronically, through an instant download or by mail
  • Seat features like whether it’s on an aisle, if obstructed views are included or if it is handicap accessible
  • Whether a parking pass is included

The site also lists tickets based on their approximate value. This is based on the cost for a ticket versus the quality of the location and the features involved.


On SeatGeek, when you click on individual sections on a virtual seating chart, you will get a full color picture of what your approximate view might be. This is crucial when you consider features like overhangs, foul poles and other things that can obstruct your view.

You can filter your tickets on SeatGeek based on:

  • The prices for tickets with or without fees
  • The number of tickets that are available together in the same spot
  • Whether a ticket can be mailed to you or sent electronically

There are also a series of red to green circles on each section. These range from Awful Deals to Amazing Deals with the bright green sections having the best deals. This is based primarily on both the cost of a ticket and the value of the ticket when compared with others in immediately surrounding sections.

You cannot search for tickets on SeatGeek by zone. You can only search by each specific section.

You can also send your email address out on a search page to get information on when the average price for a ticket drops. This will remind you of when the potential deals for tickets to an event might improve.

Applicable For Both

StubHub and SeatGeek both have up to date seating charts for all sorts of sporting venues and theaters. If you search for a concert or other event on either site that only offers general admission seating with no set seat numbers, you will be sent to a prompt to review how many tickets you want to that event.

Advantage: StubHub makes it easier for you to find tickets in any spot in a venue.

Selling Tickets

In addition to buying tickets from either of these sites, you can also choose to sell your tickets.


To sell tickets on StubHub, you have to enter in details on the event you want to sell tickets for in an appropriate search box. You must have as much information as possible on the type of event and when and where it will take place.

After this, you can sell your ticket by choosing a specific listing. You will have to specify the certain section and row your seats are in as well as the seat numbers. This will not be applicable if you have general admission tickets with no specific seat numbers.

You will be able to compare the prices of other tickets for sale as well as what some tickets sold for in the past. This will help you figure out what might be the best price for you to list your tickets at.

Next, you must list details on how the tickets will be delivered. The best way to do this is to electronically send tickets provided you get them online. If this works, you will have to send the appropriate file with your tickets on it to StubHub. This will be sent to the appropriate buyer in the event you sell your tickets. If you have to mail them then you will be responsible for sending the tickets by mail.

After this, you will receive your payment for the tickets. You can get this through a check or through a transfer to your PayPal account.


To sell your ticket on SeatGeek, you must also enter in information on your event and details on where the seats are located. You must also list how your tickets will be delivered. Like with StubHub, you can get a file featuring your tickets uploaded onto the site, thus improving upon how easy it is for the recipient to get a ticket.

The Deal Score algorithm is used extensively at SeatGeek. This feature allows you to analyze ticket price recommendations. These are listed by SeatGeek based on how much money people have listed their tickets for and what they are selling them for.

After you get your tickets sold, they will be automatically sent out to your recipient. You will then collect money through a check or PayPal depending on your preference. You can always use that money to make purchases at SeatGeek if preferred.

SeatGeek does not offer any prepaid mail features on its service for when you have to mail physical tickets out. You will have to pay extra for shipping. You would have to consider the cost for shipping to go alongside the cost for mailing your tickets.

Advantage: The service offered by StubHub is easier to handle and gets money to you sooner.



Stubhub charges a 10% fee for tickets you buy. When you sell tickets, StubHub collects 15% of whatever you sell your ticket for.


SeatGeek does not add any fees to its ticket sales but parties that sell their tickets on the site have the right to do this if they wish. SeatGeek officially includes those fees in the ticket prices so what you see on the site is precisely what you pay for your order. In terms of selling tickets, SeatGeek will collect 15% of what you earn from a ticket sale.

Advantage: This is a push in that while StubHub has a set fee charge, there’s no specific limits as to what sellers on SeatGeek might offer. You could get a great deal with fewer fees on either one of the sites depending on the ticket you get and who you buy it from.



StubHub’s guarantee states that you will get replacement tickets to your order in the event that your tickets have not come or they are not valid. You can consult StubHub online or by phone if needed. A full refund will be provided in the event that your event is cancelled and is not rescheduled. You would have to sell your tickets in the event you cannot use them for any purpose.


You will get a full refund on your tickets in the event that they do not get to you on time or the tickets you receive are not what you ordered. You will be offered comparable or better tickets to the event in some cases although that would be based on timing. You would have to contact SeatGeek as soon as possible if you have any problems.

Advantage: These are essentially the same as one another so this is a push.

What do you think is the better online ticket-buying website? Tell us what you think about StubHub and SeatGeek and let us know what the best option is.

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