Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo

Finding the right Device for your home

Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the more popular home assistants. If you’ve ever used either of these devices, you already know some of what they are capable of. There’s a lot of debate over which is better, and we’re going to try and settle that right here. Here are the things that we’re going to be evaluating:

  • Company Background
  • Capabilities
  • Special Features
  • Pricing

Google Home

Company Background

Google Home is made by Google, part of Alphabet. Google is famous for being the world’s most popular search engine, and it has manufactured many products, with Google Home being one of the most recent and more successful. Google was founded in 1998 and has become one of the world’s largest companies since then. Google also owns a number of other top rated services, such as YouTube. This background has help Google to have a wide reach and a large audience.


Google Home has a lot of different capabilities. The device hooks up to your Wi Fi connection, as well as other devices within your home. Google Home can tell you basic things, like the time, stock prices for preset companies, or word definitions. You can set alarms, either as a wake up alarm in the morning, or for reminders throughout the day. You can stream music, listen to the radio, or hear sporting events on the Google Home, too.

Google Home has a lot of different features, many of which you will use often, and some you might never use. It can convert from the metric system to the standard system, or give you the weather, or even tell you what the weather forecast is going to be. There are many little things like this that will help you to get the most out of the device and use it to simplify your life.

It’s worth pointing out that not all services that you can use with Google Home are free or provided along with the price of Google Home. There are a lot of add on services that can be used along with the device to customize and enhance your experience. Many of these have a cost associated with them.

Special Features

In addition to the basic capabilities, Google Home as a few different special features that go along with it. One of the cooler one of these is called Smart Plugs and Switch Control. This allows you to control certain devices, such as the coffee machine or a baby monitor with your voice. If you want the coffee pot turned on while you are in bed still, you can do this with Google Home. Or, if you want to make sure that your thermostat has been turned on, you can do it from another room. You can also control the lights throughout your house, along with other compatible devices.

Google Home also advertises a number of different Easter Eggs. These are hidden features and surprises that make using the device more entertaining. It gives the virtual assistant more of a personality and enjoyable.


The Google Home device starts at $129 according to the Google sales page, but there are periodical sales on the device and it can sometimes be purchased for less than this. It depends on your timing and whether Google has any sales going on.

Amazon Echo

Company Background

Amazon was founded in 1994. The company has become one of the world’s largest companies and has expanded its reach into many different markets. Amazon started out as a book seller, but it now sells almost anything that you can think of. This widespread usage and reach has positioned it well to sell online services. Amazon already streams video and music online and sells e-books, the creation of a home based virtual assistant is just another step forward for the company.


The Amazon Echo device connects to your home Wi Fi connection and gives you control over certain features of your home through this. Amazon Echo allows you to play music, games, and hear news updates. Some music and other features are free with an Amazon Prime membership, while others need to be purchased. You also have access to a number of different radio stations through the Echo. You can also use many other basic features on the Echo, such as setting alarms, telling the time, solving math problems, and more. You can check the weather, the traffic, or find out about local events through its search features.

While you probably won’t use all of the features and capabilities that the Echo has, you will probably find a few that you really rely on. The device is customizable and the volume can be controlled with your voice.

You can also connect the Echo to your Audible account and listen to any audiobooks that you might already own.

Special Features

Amazon Echo, and the virtual assistant Alexa, have several special features. You can place orders on the website once you have your credit card information on file, order an Uber vehicle, or order a pizza from Domino’s. There are a number of other vendors and items that can easily be ordered through the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo can also be used to control different items around your house. For example, you can turn the lights and fans in your home on and off, control the thermostat, and use a number of other compatible smart devices along with Amazon Echo.


Amazon Echo tends to cost about $130, depending on when you purchase it and what deals Amazon has at the time. Echo Dot is also available for less than half this price. The downside of the Echo Dot is that it doesn’t have all of the home control features that the full Echo has. However, depending on your needs, this can be a good alternative.

Your Turn

Now that you’ve gone over more of the details of each of these home virtual assistants, it’s your turn to tell us which one you prefer. This Amazon Echo vs Google Home review will hopefully give you an unbiased look. So, which one is best? Don’t forget to vote!

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